The Legacy Begins

Legacy Begins


Legacy Estates, Kolapo Ishola GRA, Ibadan is a new community inspired by the history of the land, its people and their dreams for the future. We aim to make a statement for the people of Nigeria, that strides are being made towards the betterment of our various communities for generations to come. It is a representation of significant new standards of living for the middle class, that promotes that higher quality home and community environments can be experienced. The achievement of the Legacy Estates community will symbolize progress envisaged by the Oyo State Government in partnership with Structuracasa to provide high quality housing at affordable prices, with mortgage options to the people of this great State and beyond.

Legacy Estates captures the elements of the rich history of the community and weaves it with their culture of today and their hopes for tomorrow. Elements of the colorful art, history, culture and community values are integrated into the new community. Legacy Estates is a community that celebrates the past, symbolizes progress in the present and opens the door to the community of the future.


The Calabash

CalabashFor thousands of years, the calabash has played a crucial role in African societies. It serves as a vessel for transporting life sustaining seed, food and water.

Furthermore, it is considered one of our many sacred artifacts. The upper half depicting the heavens while the bottom half depicts the earth. It is a symbol of life, abundance and vitality.

To denote their importance in everyday life, calabashes are crafted and carved into artistic pieces.

The “Legacy Estates” concept draws inspiration from the calabash and its importance to the Nigerian way of life. Legacy Estates serves as a modern day vessel by providing the needs of modern life: community, convenience, and storage of value for future generations.