About Us

Our Mission

To provide affordable housing and further the democratization of housing opportunities for people in modern African societies

At Structuracasa, we come to work every day because we want to be part of the solution to the housing problems in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa. With rapid increases in population and inadequate long term financing options for people to buy homes, it is a top priority of our company to provide improved access to home ownership.

We take pride in building good quality homes for our clients and thereby creating seeds of economic growth in our host communities. We believe that the relationship between a healthy housing market and a robust economy is inextricable.

Real estate is an economic driver that helps create jobs, with ripple effects that trickle down into all other aspects of the economy. For us at Structuracasa, housing development is a way of life. It is community development; it is a uniting force; it is making dreams come true one home at a time.

Building lives, building homes. This is the true essence of who we are.